Automotive Day 2023


Organised by Luxinnovation, the Automotive Day, taking place on 5 October 2023, features an exciting lineup of visits to Luxembourg-based entities driving the sustainable evolution of the automotive industry. A discovery of the Belval Blast Furnaces, as well as technology demonstrations in the different facilities, are also planned.

In line with this edition’s main theme, which focuses on the transition to sustainable mobility, participants will have the unique opportunity to discover several innovative solutions and initiatives by different Luxembourg-based players, broaden their network and build new partnerships. Find out more about the establishments and envisaged visits below and don't forget to register!

Visit of 

CFL intermodal terminal Bettembourg-Dudelange and TotalEnergies Hydrogen Refuelling Station

The tour of the CFL Bettembourg-Dudelange intermodal terminal will offer tangible insights into the company’s remarkable evolution from a rail operator to a global multimodal giant. Today, the CFL multimodal group provides an array of transport and logistics services, encompassing combined and conventional rail transport, wagon maintenance, road and charter transport, warehousing, tailored logistics solutions, and customs agency services.

The visit to TotalEnergies’ first public hydrogen station in Luxembourg, set to be operational by September 2023, further provides a unique opportunity for participants to explore the infrastructure and functioning of the station, which marks a significant stride towards hydrogen-powered transportation.

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Guided tour 

of the Belval blast furnaces and exhibition of new technologies

The Belval Fund offers several guided tours, dedicated to the industrial history of Luxembourg and more specifically to the operation of the Blast Furnace, as well as to the conversion of industrial wastelands and the exceptional architectural development of the Belval site. 

Guided tour of the Blast Furnace: Discover the operation of the unique Blast Furnace that can be visited in Luxembourg. At the very heart of its impressive enclosure, the guide will explain to you the process of iron and steel production. During the tour, you will have access to a height of 40 meters (throat) from where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the City of Sciences, the new Belval district, and its impressive contemporary architectural achievements.
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Visit of 

Sustainable Composite Materials & Manufacturing Innovation Centre (SCMM) & Gradel Light Weight

At Gradel Lightweight, participants will also explore the transformative filament winding technology, a game-changer with applications spanning aerospace, automotive, medical, and various industrial sectors. Additionally, attendees will uncover the research and technological endeavors undertaken by the SCMM Innovation Centre, particularly in the development of cutting-edge lightweight and sustainable composite materials to facilitate a zero-emission future for the transport sector.