Automotive Day 2023

Guided tour of the Belval blast furnaces and exhibition of new technologies

Duration: 2 hours

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📅 05 october 2023 
🕑 2.30 pm - 4.30pm 

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The Belval Fund offers several guided tours, dedicated to the industrial history of Luxembourg and more specifically to the operation of the Blast Furnace, as well as to the conversion of industrial wastelands and the exceptional architectural development of the Belval site.

 Guided tour of the Blast Furnace: Discover the operation of the unique Blast Furnace that can be visited in Luxembourg. At the very heart of its impressive enclosure, the guide will explain to you the process of iron and steel production. During the tour, you will have access to a height of 40 meters (throat) from where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the City of Sciences, the new Belval district, and its impressive contemporary architectural achievements.

Information about the exhibition of new technologies


the first autonomous shuttle service

Test the first autonomous shuttle service launched by CFL in Belval. The shuttles are produced by the company Ohmio incorporated in Luxembourg in 2023. Developed with HMI Technology expertise from New Zealand, Ohmio self-driving shuttles and connected autonomous vehicles are leading the way, making transport safer, greener, and more efficient.  

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the PHINIA hydrogen solutions contributing to carbon neutrality.

 Hydrogen propulsion, based on existing engine technology and able to leverage the available fuel supply network, is an attractive and fast-to-market solution for powertrains that contributes to the rapid decarbonization the world needs. It requires only slight adjustments to the internal combustion engine while still meeting both zero emission CO2 targets and future emissions regulations. PHINIA has system specification, integration and calibration capabilities to deliver complete turn key hydrogen propulsion projects.