Supercomputing Breakfast: AI, friend or foe for the Creative Industries?

Supercomputing Breakfast: 
AI, friend or foe for the Creative Industries?

28 September 2023 | 09:30  - 11:30
Kesselbetrib - Oberkorn, Differdange

About the  Event

We will have inspiring short presentations on how SuperComputing is applied for Industrial uses followed by a round table discussions with peers about challenges and opportunities. 

  • Where are we with practical SuperComputing applications for the creative industries? 
  • What are potential technical & ethical limits? 
  • Where is the place of the human creative in a world that uses AI? 
  • What are known best practices for deployment? 
.. or any other question you might want to find an answer too. 

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Venue information

📅 When :
28 September I  09:30 - 11:30
📍 Location
1535° Creative Hub I  115 Rue Emile Mark, 4620 Oberkorn Differdange