Materials & Manufacturing Virtual Lab

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Get an easy way to contact manufacturing partners any time, anywhere without intermediate

2. Stay Informed

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3. Equipment and Technical Expertise

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Dear materials and manufacturing community, 

This virtual lab is exclusively dedicated to the manufacturing sector in Luxembourg. It is a private space where companies have full access to an equipment database, managed by local companies. The goal is to mutualize laboratory or pilot equipment in Luxembourg to avoid heavy costs and to foster expertise and exchanges between the partners. This is not a commercial platform. The virtual lab serves as an upgraded replacement for the former Materials & Manufacturing Cluster app implemented three years ago. 

As a member of the virtual Lab, you have the opportunity to engage directly with experts from various companies, post your events or exchange on several topics. You are also welcome to upload equipment available in your companies that you wish to make available to other companies on a one-off basis. 

We encourage and welcome your comments to make the virtual lab a dynamic space for collaboration. Let's work together to breathe life into this platform and make it truly yours!