European Digital HealthTech Conference 2024

May 14thMay 15th

European Digital Healthtech Conference

Supporting digital medical technologies from incubation to market access

About the event

Digital medical devices (DMDs) are a cornerstone of the digitalisation of the healthcare sector. Ensuring that high-potential devices succeed with the journey from initial concept to commercialised product is a priority, but a process fraught with challenges, not least due to the complex regulatory environment. Although the European regulation on medical devices has now been clearly defined, several other key components are needed for these technologies to reach the market.

The aim of the European Digital HealthTech Hub Conference is to share best practices on how European, national and regional healthtech hubs can optimise their support to digital medical device companies all the way from early incubation to market launch. It will, in particular, focus on funding proofs of value, designing successful business models and acceleration programmes and optimising clinical trial design and endpoints.


Chamber of Commerce

7 Rue Alcide de Gasperi
L-1615 Kirchberg Luxembourg

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