Eureka Info Day 2023

B2B Meetings

How does it work?

We have planned B2B sessions during the Eureka info day 2023, where you have the opportunity to book 1:1 meetings with other participants; a quick and easy way to meet potential partners in pre-arranged 20-minute meetings. Please follow the next steps to book your own meetings and make your matchmaking a success:

  1. Go to your profile page, and click "Yes, I will participate in the B2B meetings" 
  2. Make sure to "update" your profile with the required information 
  3. Select your "areas of interest" to be offered custom meeting recommendations 
  4. Browse the list of participants by clicking again on "B2B Meetings" in the top menu, then on "Participants list"

How will the "B2B meetings" sessions unfold?
Several "B2B Meetings" sessions are planned on October 5th, and will take place physically on the event's "Matchmaking Area".
Each session will consist of a series of 20-minute slots: you can meet another participant during each of these slots
How can I ask for meetings?
Once registered to the "B2B meetings", you will be able to contact other participants and ask them for meetings.
To do so,  you can click on the "B2B meetings" tab of the top menu, then browse the list of other participants.
If you want to meet another participant, click on the "Contact" button, and choose "Add a meeting to the request"
In the meeting request, choose the format and timeslot that best suits you.
Once the other person has accepted the meeting, you will be assigned a table for your meeting, or get a link to the videoconference.
Where can I access my meetings agenda?
You can access your B2B meetings planning by clicking on the "My agenda" button.
Be sure to check it regularly for updates!
My agenda
What are the best practices for B2B meetings?
B2B meetings are a fantastic way to make new business contacts. For it to be a success, please:
  • Make sure to regularly check for meetings requests in your messages
  • Answer your requests by either accepting or declining the meeting
  • Check regularly your B2B Meetings agenda, where you will also see your meeting tables
  • Be on time, and if you can't make it then please inform the other participant by sending a message