Automotive Day 2023

ABB NV Luxembourg Branch


Founded in 1988, ABB is an international engineering company specializing in electrical and automation solutions. ABB's e-Mobility business unit focuses on charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and provides solu-tions for both privates and professionals such as bus operators. The product range extends from 11 kW wall-boxes to several hundred kW opportunity chargers and includes web-based solutions to monitor and manage a complete network of chargers. The e-Mobility team has around 1,000 employees, including 350 R&D engineers who are constantly work-ing on product improvements. Our partners can rely on our development center in Delft (Netherlands) and our production plant in Valdarno (Italy, for DC solutions). The ABB team has supported the energy transition from the beginning and we are proud to be involved in setting new standards in this field. At the beginning of 2023, we were pleased to announce that we had delivered 1 million EV chargers worldwide.