Automotive Day 2023

Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) Sustainable Composite Materials & Manufacturing (SCMM) – Innovation Centre


Hosted by LIST, the Sustainable Composite Materials & Manufacturing (SCMM) Innovation Centre aims at developing and accelerating the use of sustainable composite materials and processes that will meet the needs of vehicles of the future. Innovative material technologies, e.g. bio-based and/or recyclable materials, and efficient manufacturing and recycling processes, are developed and integrating into highly-relevant demonstrators meeting the needs of industry leaders, OEMs (Toyota, Airbus, Thales Alenia Space and Alstom) and major-tier suppliers in the automotive, rail, space and aeronautic sectors. SCMM proposes an efficient and open approach allowing the rapid transition of research results to the real economy by bringing together, in an ambitious innovation programme, LIST researchers with end-users (OEMs), and national and international stakeholders who are active throughout the composites value chain (from raw materials to tier suppliers). In this framework, industrial partners can co-develop and demonstrate the relevance of their technologies being integrated into the SCMM’s demonstrators.