Smart Manufacturing Week 2023


Claude Maack




Mechanical engineer, working since 09/1991 in the company GRADEL Sàrl in Luxembourg, which specialises in special machine construction for nuclear power plants and especially for the space industry. After 10 years in engineering office, mainly in nuclear projects, responsible from A to Z. Since 1998, member of the board and minor shareholder. From 2001 to 2007, head of production in the workshop (milling, turning, welding). Diversification with the sputtering target business in 2008. Development of a continuous casting process for low melting point alloys, used in the glass industry, which has become in 2021 GRADEL ST Sàrl. From 2008 to 2016, managing director of Gradel Sàrl and head of engineering. GRADEL entered Space business in 2010 with Mechanical ground Support Equipment with high automation grade and developed in the past 12 years a full range of equipment used by the large satellite integrators. Since 2016, main shareholder and general manager of the group In 2018 GRADEL decided to enter in a new business field with ultra-lightweight structures with a disruptive process technology. In 2020 the company strategy was redefined and the structure had been adapted accordingly. GRADEL Lightweight was created in March 2022. Industrialisation of the Gradel Robotic Additive Manufacturing endless filament 3D winding equipment with a patented process.

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