Smart Manufacturing Week 2023


Michèle Merle

Arcelor Mittal

HR Coordination Luxembourg & Facility Management HQs & AOB


Michèle Merle is part of the human resources team of ArcelorMittal in Luxembourg , in charge of human resources coordination Luxembourg and facility management for the HQs and the AOB building in Esch. In this position, Michele is the head of HR Shared Services Center in Luxembourg, providing HR services to the entities and employees of the group within the country, in employee relations, recruitment, compensation and benefit, payroll and administration, learning and development, labor law and occupational health. She coordinates the social dialogue and, generally, bring her support to the organization on the human resources processes. She leads as well the facility management for AOB and the HQs. Michele joined ArcelorMittal in 1987 in R&D for her PhD in artificial intelligence and image. Three years later, she took the lead of operations and diverse projects, such as cost savings, H&S and quality management in Fos sur Mer. In 1999, she moved to the sales and marketing department in Florange as technical assistance and development head for home appliance market. She moved to the human resources area in 2005, in Luxembourg, where she covered diverse roles in learning and development, resourcing, compensation, organization design and strategic workforce planning. Her last position before moving to the current role was leadership and management and executive education portfolio lead at ArcelorMittal University. Michele is graduated in mathematics, IT, artificial intelligence and algorithmic from Ecole de Mines de Saint- Etienne and French University. She holds a master's degree as professional Coach, ICN Nancy and House of Training Luxembourg, obtained in 2017.

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