Smart Manufacturing Week 2023


Stand: Booth 7


Active since 2007, TrAxxion is a venture from senior, experienced professionals with complementary backgrounds, located in and near Luxembourg. We are committed to a pragmatic no-nonsense approach - we do not lecture or get academic - we promote direct support and execution. Our experience ranges from small, medium to large organizations in a wide range of business branches: Professional air-carrier services, cargo-railways, financial mass transaction & card/e-payment services, public services, healthcare, industrial bakeries, plastics moulding, petro-chemical, telecom, ICT, discrete manufacturing and equipment & machinery industry. We know the EMEA, Asia and America´s arenas. Over our working life we picked up a lot of fast-to-start, common sense and pragmatic ways to get organizations into a modus where they are able to articulate their strategy and execute on it. We are priviliged to work with partners and customers which are well known and reputable in their respective industries. Our passion is to disseminate this knowledge, and learn more by doing so.

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