Smart Manufacturing Week 2023

EQUANS Digital BeLux

Stand: Booth 12


EQUANS Digital BeLux: EMPOWERING TRANSITIONS Because performance results from the encounter between information and action, the EQUANS Digital Network integrates solutions that generates efficiency and quality for customers processes and assets OUR MISSION Improve your manufacturing processes and your plant efficiency thanks to the Automation, the Datas and your organization 4.0… Based on a strong collaboration between EQUANS Digital BeLux, Pepite S.A and DELOITTE Luxembourg, We propose integrated and SMART solutions and services to address Industry 4.0 digitalization challenges. Challenges based on Process optimization, Technological and Digital Improvement and Change Management of Manufacturing organizations. The actual economic situation and priorities in the the Smart manufacturing ecosystems requires services and solutions focusing on efficiency and optimization over 6 mains business and manufacturing values: 1. Energy Efficiency 2. Quality improvement 3. Productivity 4. Asset life cycle and life time 5. Production shutdown management 6. Maintenance cost They can be addressed by combining industrial integration of solutions: • designing production and manufacturing plants, assuring automation and supervision of the operation, • deploying Advanced Analytics and decision supporting tools • while supporting and guiding organizations and workers in the transition to the Industry 4.0 approaches and principles, driven by KPIs, ROI and efficiency

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