Smart Manufacturing Week 2023

Up Trace

Stand: Booth 3


For 17 years, Up Trace, with headquarters in Oberpallen, Luxembourg and an entity in Belgium, has been a major player in the field of traceability, industrial marking and labelling, automatic identification and MES & WMS integration; Industry 4.0! We are mainly active in BeLux, France and Switzerland and follow our customers in other regions of the world.Up Trace has developed "Simplify your Traceability", an innovative approach to traceability that brings turnkey solutions to production and associated logistics companies so that you can have the right information, at the right time to make the right decisions quickly! As a customer, you are dealing with a team of experts who are attentive to your needs and really listen to you: they put all their experience at your service in terms of traceability, barcodes, RFID, MES, WMS, integration with production lines and ERP; we are in Industry 4.0!

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