HealthTech Sector Webinar Series Episode 8

Collaborating with associations and patients groups for Patient-Centric HealthTech Solutions - Alzheimer Europe


1-hour webinar for HealthTech companies to learn how to collaborate effectively with associations and patient groups, Alzheimer Europe. The objectives of this webinar are twofold: - Educate HealthTech companies in Luxembourg about the importance of engaging with associations and patient groups, such as Alzheimer Europe. By understanding the needs of individuals with AD and their caregivers, companies can develop more effective solutions. Additionally, associations like Alzheimer Europe can facilitate connections with policymakers, patient organizations, regulators, and researchers within the dementia community. -Provide practical guidance on initiating collaborations with organizations like Alzheimer Europe. These partnerships are essential for ensuring that healthcare innovations align with the real-world needs of patients and caregivers. Collaborations between HealthTech companies and associations can lead to the development of more patient-centric solutions, enhancing the quality of care and support.