HealthTech Sector Webinar Series

Edition 2024

January 17, 2024 Webinar #5


Webinar #5 - EIT Health - Network and opportunities

About the webinar 

To maximise societal impact, EIT Health activities are strategically focused across flagship initiatives which address underlying drivers of healthcare: 
1) New models to deliver healthcare
2) Digital transformation of healthcare and 
3) The re-industrialisation of Europe. 

Speaker : Hayley Every Entrepreneurship Lead, EIT Health Benelux-Israel

Under these Flagships, we recently launched our new call for innovation and education projects. During this presentation, details about these EIT Health programs and opportunities, and how you can get involved, were presented. 

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February 28, 2024 Webinar #6


Webinar #6 - Medical Valley - Market Access for Medical Technologies in Germany

About the webinar 

Marco Wendel, CEO at Medical Valley EMN E.V., will provide you with insights about Medical Valley and our support for market access focussing on medical innovation in Germany. Traditionally Germany is an attractive market for providers of MedTech and Digital Health solutions. New legislation has accelerated the adoption of innovation in healthcare. The webinar will help you identify opportunities, risks and challenges when accessing the German healthcare market based on the extensive experience of the Medical Valley network.

Speaker : Marco Wendel, CEO at Medical Valley EMN E.V.

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